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Ruffian sailing in a gentle breeze.




We hope that through our pages we can promote interest in sailing and to share our experience’s, both good and bad, racing and cruising, with you. We would like to pass on the knowledge we have gained on our travels in the hope that our enthusiasm will encourage others to experience the sheer delight and exhilaration of sailing, as well as the hardships that we sometimes face in what can be a very hostile environment!

Whilst our principal interest is in the longer, shorthanded distance racing we do not confine ourselves to that alone and are regular members of the local ‘bay racing’ fleet of Scarborough Yacht Club.

‘Ruffian’, a Sigma 36, is a fast cruiser/ racer and for us, provides the perfect balance between comfort and speed, offered by this sea kindly design, when under taking the longer distance races.



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