As desirable as spray hood may be, in wet weather, we find them in the way all the time especially when you need to leave the cockpit and so we decided to make a smaller, solid, version that would be on rails and to facilitate spinnaker drops down the hatch, would slide forward, out of the way. Hence Bob was born! Well it looks a bit like the front end of a bob sleigh and when it’s raining you can just bob under it and keep dry.



Bob mark one was made in three stages, firstly a wooden frame work, covered in hard board then GRP and filler and after hours of sanding and fairing we had a plug.

From this after extensive polishing, a covered of GRP matting along with few corrugations to give it strength a mold was made, and following the same process, finally bob was made.

It fitted on the boat well but when it was slid forward of the instrument pod, there was a large hole which let the cold and wet in.


With a few modifications, Bob mark two born. By masking off the surrounding area and covering with parcel tape, a rough mold was made out of plaster, re-enforced with bandage to make plug one.



This was carefully removed and taken home to be given a coat of GRP matting on the inside to make plug two. Once this was done it was covered with all over with 6mm of polyurethane foam on the outside, to make it larger than the instrument pod and more coats of matting were added.



From this the final shape was made, grafted on to Bob mark one





Followed by filling, sanding and fairing and given a generous coating of flowcoat which was sanded, faired and polished.





Before been re fit to Ruffian