The engine cover/ steps into Ruffian had taken a bit of hammer over the years, in particular the bottom step always used to bend when anyone stepped on it. In addition if ever we needed to get good access to the engine compartment a dozen screws or more had to be removed.




So a new one was made, that was secured in place with door bolts, and the step was replaced with box that  accommodates the waste bin.




LED lighting replaced all the main saloon lights, forepeak, and aft cabin lights, the difference is extra light using a lot less current.






No matter how we tried, we could not stop the small drip which came through the corroded window frames, so they were replaced.




To keep us warm on those cold nights in the northern latitudes we fitted a single outlet Webasto diesel heater, what a difference it makes.





To keep the exhaust run as short as possible, this was fitted in the aft cockpit locker and boxed in with to prevent damage or air restriction to the burner u