SYC’s North sea race/leg two of the 500 mile race.

We always knew there would be problems with the start time as Sec Hayai, a class 40 with a draft of 3 metres could not leave her berth and so after a few postponements the fleet of about 30 boats were under way and must have made a spectacular sight as they raced out to sea to round the exclusion zone around the outfall buoy before bearing off on what was to be a drag race to the finish.

With such favourable conditions it was a fast passage, with plenty of sail changes, most of them from the code zero to asymmetric and light runner, or permutations of them, as always we worked hard but this time with the auto-pilot playing up we had the extra task of hand steering most of the way. Sec Hayai smashed the existing record with a time of 21hrs-27mins-07 secs and the 500 mile competitors took the first ten places, followed by Out of Nowhere and ourselves in the two handed class. That evening, in Ijmuiden the 500 mile competitors gathered for a meal and the presentation, with Fredie & Jan on Insomnix being the overall winner.